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A multidisciplinary team approach is useful in many ways. Possibly the biggest benefit is that it broadens the scope and quality of health care available to each patient. Each of our team members has specialized health care expertise that they are able to provide to further support the care provided by physicians at the clinic. Below is a list of the individual team members and examples of the services they contribute.

Registered Nurse (RN) /Registered practical Nurse (rpn)

Our nursing staff provides general health screening services such as blood pressure checks and immunizations, as well as administer  a variety of  treatments and diagnostic tests. Our registered nurse promotes healthy living and educates patients in the prevention and management of chronic diseases.

Nurse Practitioners (NP)

Nurse practitioners are Registered Nurses with advanced post-graduate university studies in nursing who are qualified to assess, diagnose, and treat patients within a defined scope of practice. Our Nurse Practitioners work closely with our  family physicians; nurse practitioners may perform annual physical exams, write prescriptions, and order a variety of diagnostic and screening tests. Our nurse practitioners employ advanced knowledge and skills in assessment, diagnosis, and healthcare management. They focus on health promotion, disease and injury prevention, and manage non-complex health issues including acute illnesses and injuries.

Pharmacists (RPh)

Our pharmacist optimizes a patient’s drug therapy by identifying, preventing, and resolving medication related issues through individual counselling or group sessions. In addition, our pharmacist is also a Certified Diabetes Educator who can assist with diabetes related questions and holds certification in Smoking Cessation programming.

Social Workers(MSW)

Our social workers provide counseling through individual sessions with patients and their families, to help optimize their psychosocial functioning. Group sessions will also be provided. Our social workers specialize in counselling for depression, anxiety, and trauma, but also provide ancillary counselling such as for parenting support.

Health Educators (RK)

Our Health Educator is a Registered Kinesiologist who works to support patients to optimize their health and reduce their health risks using lifestyle modification techniques that include education and councelling concerning physical activity, stress management, and disease prevention, progression and management.   This support is provided  through individual or group consultations and by connecting an individual with the necessary community resources.

Dietitian (RD)

Our registered dietitian uses the latest scientific, medical, and nutritional information to develop practical individualized diet plans. In addition, our RD provides nutritional counselling for patients with specific medical conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and digestive issues and a variety of other concerns and conditions.

Medical Residents (MD)

We have a number of medical residents who rotate through our clinic. Our medical residents are MDs who continue to train under the guidance of senior family physicians to provide quality primary care. The Central Brampton Family Health Team has taught students and residents from McMaster University, the University of Toronto, and the University of Ottawa for the last 10 years and takes special pride in being a part of the future of Family Medicine.


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