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Free Access to a Registered Nurse

Help is now close at hand.

If an individual has a health related concern or question, all they need do is use this free access to speak with a medical professional. An insurance number is not needed and all information is confidential.


Please note there are different telephone numbers for rostered and non-rostered patients.

Rostered Patients:


Non-Rostered Patients:


What is Telehealth Ontario?

Telehealth Ontario is a free, confidential telephone service an individual can use to receive health advice or general health information from a Registered Nurse. This call means quick, easy access to a qualified health professional, who can assess symptoms and determine a plan of action.

How Does Telehealth Ontario Work?

When an individual calls Telehealth Ontario, they talk directly with a Registered Nurse. They are asked to describe symptoms and answer questions that will allow the RN to best assess the seriousness of the problem. Based on the assessment, the RN can advise proper self-care, recommend a visit to a health practitioner, or provide phone numbers of nearby community resources. The Telehealth Ontario service is provided in English and French with translation support for other languages and a direct TTY number for those with hearing and speech difficulties. Callers can also be connected to medication or health information audio tapes.

When Should an individual Call?

When they have a general health question but are not sure of the exact nature of its severity. Telehealth Ontario answers questions and provides information that ensures proper care is received, all while following confidentiality laws. Health-related concerns that Telehealth can provide advice about include:

  • Symptoms that could require medical attention
  • Illness or injury
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Nutrition and healthy lifestyles
  • Teen health and lifestyle issues

Please note that a call to Telehealth Ontario does not replace a 911 call. A call to 911 is always the first option in emergency situations.


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