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Physician Appointments

The preferred method for booking a clinic appointment is to do so while still in the office just after your current visit.  This not only frees up telephone lines but ensures that you do not run out of medication.

For same day appointments, simply call the office in the morning around 8:30. If we are unable to fit you in with your doctor, we will offer you an appointment to our After Hours Clinic.  To make an appointment with a physician, please call the clinic phone number:  905-451-1937.

A 24-hour notice is necessary for cancellations. This allows your appointment time to be used by someone requesting a same day appointment. A fee for missed appointments will be charged to those that do not observe this 24-hour notice.

Appointments with Allied Health Professionals

To be eligible for appointments with the allied health team, you must be a rostered patients at the CBFHT.  To make, or cancel, an appointment with one of the allied health team members (e.g., dietitian, pharmacist, social worker, etc.), please call 905-456-7111.

Services Not Covered by OHIP

Common fees for services not covered by OHIP are posted in the exam rooms. Examples of services not covered include sick notes, completion of certain medical forms, certain diagnostic lab services, and driver’s license exams. Before an uninsured service is provided, an individual will be informed of the fee.





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