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The CBFHT is a multidisciplinary team of registered nurses, social workers, registered dietitians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, health educators, medical residents, and family physicians who provide primary care services to over 11,000 patients in the Brampton area. The CBFHT is an academic Family Health Team associated with the Brampton East Medical Group, and while we were incorporated by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care in August 2011, many of our physicians have served the community for decades.

Building A Stronger Health Care System

Family Health Teams are the cornerstone of the provincial government’s plan to build an improved health care system. Here at the CBFHT, we wholly subscribe to this ethos. Here are a few ways that the CBFHT helps to promote a stronger health care system:

  • We ensure easy access to physicians and other health care providers
  • We remove pressure from the hospitals and the health care budget by ensuring problems are diagnosed early and treated appropriately
  • We reduce the strain on hospital emergency departments by offering evening and weekend clinics

The CBFHT understands, however, that an effective health care system is predicated on maintaining the health of the individuals within that system. Here are a few ways the CBFHT helps to promote individual health:

  • We provide accurate, up-to-date information about the best ways to prevent disease
  • We help individuals understand the risk factors for diseases, and provide appropriate screening and follow-up
  • We offer strategies to help manage chronic illnesses like Diabetes, asthma, and COPD
  • We implement state-of-the-art technology to improve records and information management so that health information is securely shared with other health care professionals
  • We work with patients and families to help navigate the health care system so that care is better coordinated


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