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It is with mixed emotions that we announce that Dr. Paul Byrne  has retired from the practice of medicine as of December 16,2016. It has been our honour to have him practicing medicine with  the group for 40 years.

We feel very fortunate in welcoming Dr. Mehry Kianfar to take over his practice and join our team. Dr. Kianfar did her medical residency here a number of years ago and it is great to have her back! She is a caring, talented and compassionate professional  who shares Dr. Byrne’s commitment to providing comprehensive family medicine to patients.

It will be important for you and your family to register with Dr. Kianfar in order to remain eligible with the services offered by the Central Brampton Family Health Team as we are not able to automatically transfer your patient status. Please see the reception desk in order to fill out the enrollment forms.


Central Brampton Family Health Team has Moved to 60 Gillingham Drive, Brampton

(Our new location is just beside The Keg at the corner of Bovaird and Main. Please note that the map displayed below does not show our current location.

The Central Brampton Family Health Team (CBFHT) takes pride in being one of the oldest family practices in Brampton.

CBFHT offers expertise in numerous medical areas such as obstetrics, geriatrics, and surgical assistance, not to mention a thorough knowledge and high level of skill in sports, travel, aviation, and emergency medicines.

Our qualified and multidisciplinary team includes nine physicians in the field of family medicine as well as recent graduates of the McMaster Family Medicine program, all of whom retain hospital privileges at the Brampton Civic Hospital.

In addition, we provide in-office access to a social worker, a pharmacist, a dietitian and a health educator, which are all funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and which are integrated with our Local Health Integration Network. We have learned that this access and integration is invaluable to the quality of care our patients receive and is also being an important teaching tool to all of our employees.


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